GenuineĀ Testimonials

These are real people that have given me permission to share their words.  They all used our homeopathic HCG and counted weight-loss from their pre-diet weight, NOT after the two day gorging which would add 3-5 pounds to their totals.  For privacy, their names have been changed.  Thank you fellow losers...

    "I am 74 years old and lost 30 pounds in my first round using this hCG. I have been able to maintain my weight loss through the holidays so far and I'm anxious to do my next round in January. My children and grandchildren say I look great! For the first time in 45 years, I can buy regular size clothes instead of going to the "ladies" shops........the recipe book is a must!"
.......Ann M. in Indiana lost 30 pouns in 40 days and has maintained the loss for 2 months to date.

    "Day 24 down 30lbs!!!"
......Casey C. in Oregan. This is her first round!

          "I lost another pound today for a total of 10 lbs. in 1 week already!...And speaking of sleeping...I have slept better these past 3 weeks than I can remember sleeping in a long time. If left to my own luxury (which really doesn't happen) I think I could sleep 12 hours at a time....This has been a WONDERFUL's like a miracle."
.....Sherry B. in Indiana lost 19 pounds at 21 days, maintained and is in her 2nd round.

        "I've lost 35 pounds in 4 weeks, extending the first phase to 28 days.   I followed a looser diet mixing vegetables and using diet drinks and still had great success.   Maintenance has been easy."
......Russel B. in Indiana is still at goal.

          "I was having trouble losing the last of my baby weight and was still hanging on to 10-15 lbs after 2 years. I'd always had a hard time depriving myself of the foods that i wanted and exercising just gave me an excuse to eat a big bowl of ice cream! Other programs were depressing because you had to commit for LIFE, and I cannot imagine life without fruit, bread, and dessert. This program appealed to me because the hard part only lasted 21 days and I figured I could do just about anything for 21 days! Also, I saw the success my mom and friends were having with it. It was so encouraging to wake up every morning and see the number on the scale go down. I went from a size 8/10 to a size 6. Exercising is even more worthwhile because i can see my body getting stronger and more toned instead of just trying to lose the fat. I'm now maintaining my weight and enjoying wearing all the clothes from before my pregnancy (as well as some new ones).
......Sarah C. in Illinois lost her last 15 lbs. and her husband lost 27 lbs.!

          "Jack lost 25 pounds on the 21 day round. He now eats whatever he wants and has no issue with gaining. I lost 17 pounds and have kept it off. If I gain one day, I drop right back down the next day without any modifications or steak days. The diet really does reset your beginning weight and your body's metabolism. I am going to do another round as I have more weight I want to lose. On this HCG, neither Jack nor I were hungry. We enjoyed our meals but were not hungry between meals."
......Jack and Melissa K. lost 25 lbs. and 17 lbs. respectively from their pre-diet weight.

        " I lost 8 pounds in this first week of the diet after doing adkins the week before HCG and losing 7 pounds.  Honestly, this is huge for me.  These 8 were the normally very difficult ones to shed AND I've had energy and very little hunger"
.......Kate K. in Indiana lost 19 pounds total using this HCG and  has maintained it at goal. 

       "More days than not, I've been under calorie, not hungry and full of energy. I'm amazed that sugar and chocolate have been out of my diet, and I've hardly noticed or craved.  I love that this diet cleanses the body of the junk-eating of the past.  Getting up in the morning to visit the scales has never been so exciting."........ while in maintenance........"I went after calories...and continued to do so for 11 days.  No starches, no sugar, but did I ever eat!  This part of the program has been grand!  No scales available, and I was certain I'd gained...I over ate every day.  (Ribs, rellenos, pork, burgers, bacon, guacamole, salads, Thai food, seafood, etc., etc.)  But when I got home, ne'er an ounce!  I'm only on day 17 of the 6 weeks maintenance, but I'm loving it."
Bonnie W. in Indiana lost 17 lbs. in 25 days on her first round.

"I havn't had any trouble with hunger at all.  It continues to amaze me that we are eating ONLY 500 calories a day and not feeling hungry or weak.  It's crazy! I can't believe how relatively easy it has been to stay on the protocol. Yesterday, I had a crew over for dinner and fixed all the normal stuff, but it really wasn't hard not to eat.  I just worried about any fat getting on my hands, so I washed them alot after food prep.  Seeing the weight come off each day is the best way to curb hunger and stay motivated.  I know there has to be days when I won't lose, so I am trying to gear up for days where the scale stays the same, otherwise, I just have to report overall an A+ for this program!  WOW!  Why dont more people know about this?"
.....Tarsi K. in Indiana lost 17 pounds at 21 days her first round and went from a blood pressure reading of 166 over 110 (on meds) to 110 over 80! 

          "I am just second day on maintenance and feel absolutely great.  I was so happy to get to eat and not be hungry all day!  I feel like I'm eating the absolute healthiest I ever have with lean meats and other proteins, lots of vegies and fruits.  No gain yet, but it is only the second day... I am just so happy to not be hungry.  Neal and Pauline are finishing today and will begin maintenance tomorrow night.  She lost 17 lbs and he lost 18 lbs (pre-gorge weight).  They are thrilled.  They both have a few more pounds to get to goal, so may consider doing it again later."
..... Roxie S. lost 15 pounds at 21 days and has maintained it successfully for 3 months. 

"I lost 14 pounds in 21 days on the diet from pre gorge days weight.  I am in week 3 of maintenance.  I have incorporated carbs and sugars. I am staying within a pound of my post weight.  I have noticed my appetite is reduced and I have been happy eating many of the same foods during the diet.  Who knew I even liked zucchini???"
.....Maxine S. lost 14 pounds at 21 days.
(We discovered a miscommunication in the amount of HCG she was taking and when she increased her dose, the pounds started falling off and her hunger subsided.)

NOTE:   Though these results are typical of hCG users, weight loss cannot be guaranteed. Maximum results occur only if Dr Simeons' protocol is strictly adhered to.









































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