My husband and I have owned and operated 7 restaurants so recipes to me were a mute point until I received too many requests for recipes and now I can make it available to you in my '100 Recipes' book. It is a purse size compilation of the most creative ways to use your approved food amounts during the very low calorie phase of the protocol.
           This resource is full of appetizing creations that will surprise and treat even the most discerning connoisseur.  From homemade seasonings to pizza and apple pie, this is the one place to find everything you need to keep food boredom at bay. Here are a few samples ideas:

  • Grill 4 oz. steak between big onion slices on your George Foreman sprinkled with steakhouse seasoning. Heaven....and you can use big vidalia onions.  


  •  Stir frying meat and vegetable in a non-stick pan with fat-free cooking spray adding  99% fat-free chicken broth as it cooks for flavor.


  • Cut celery in long thin strips for "bed" of crispy greens.


  • Make ahead in large quantities, Tomato Soup using a food processed tomato (the whole tomato - no stem) with added garlic, onion powder, salt and lots of basil heated through and boiled down to desired thickness- or to make a sauce to dip garlic chips(recipe in book)- saved me many times.  You can eat the tomato as the fruit OR vegetable serving.


  • Bake apple slices with cinnamon/stevia sprinkles for a variation or make a popover using the basic bread dough ball(recipe in book).


    • Soaking cucumber in apple cider vinegar and stevia makes a crispy pickle snack and are so plentiful right now. Using my fruit to make a vinaigrette(strawberry or orange) using apple cider vinegar, stevia, and the fruit blended adds flavor to dressing. 


    • A chicken breast (half actually) rubbed with lemon and rosemary, salt and pepper on the George Forman grill is a taste sensation.  Dont overcook!


  •  Real crabmeat purchased at Sam's Club comes in 16 oz containers and that makes 4 meals of tender sweet meat when warmed in the microwave is a protein serving in 30 seconds. Great with asparagus and lemon strips.


  • Put fruit in a blender with ice, 8 0z. kool-aid (mixed up strong with Sweet & Low), one tablespoon of milk and stevia makes a smoothie! Be creative with what you like within the food choices.

            You will find many recipes in my '100 Recipes' book for $16, a real value.  Save even more with a few friends at $12 each. Happy Losing!

  • Purchase "100 Recipes" Book on Home Page or BUY hCG page....Happy Losing!
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