The HCG Diet Protocol

A Summary of the BASIC diet in 3-3week increments:

HCG/VLC  Days- take homeopathic HCG and follow Very Low Calorie(500cals) diet for 21 days+ (avoiding any form of fat or sugar as you are hypersensitive to these while taking HCG - in fact, all lotions used on your face and body should be oil-free)
Stabilization - no starches or sugars for 3 weeks
Maintenance - gradually add starches and sugars for 3 weeks 

The Diet / Day 1 and 2

· Weigh yourself in the morning.

· Start taking your HCG three times per day following homeopathic guidelines included with your order.

· Eat as often as you like throughout the day.  This will increase your body’s storage of fat to prepare you for the 500 calorie per day limit on days 3-23.

· Gorge yourself on fatty foods eating as healthy as you can by eating the good fats.  Some have found eating starch in moderation helps to decrease your appetite after completing the gorging days, whole grain breads, pastas, and oatmeal are great choices.

Day 3-23 (longer durations can be done)

Drink 1 gallon of water throughout the day.  The water is critical to the flushing of the fat.

Eat everything as described below.  Do not skip meals.  Your total intake will be about 500 calories consisting of protein, vegetables and fruit.

You can spread the food throughout the day to help with any hunger or blood sugar issues.  For example, you can eat an allowable fruit for breakfast.  Just remember:  you are trying to KEEP your body in "starvation"  mode to use the abnormal fat mobilized by the HCG - a very different mindset on this protocol than most.

Protein Selections - Choose only one protein for lunch and another for dinner.  Never eat the same protein twice on the same day.  Weigh out 100 grams prior to cooking.

· Beef, Veal, chicken breast (no skin), shrimp, lobster, crab, white fish (Flounder, Sole,  sea bass, grouper and Halibut)

Vegetable Selections - Choose only one vegetable for lunch and another for supper never eating the same vegetable in the same day:  tomato, celery, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, onions, cabbage, asparagus, chard, radishes, beet greens.

Fruit Selections -  2 fruit servings daily from the following:  ½ grapefruit, strawberries(4-6 medium),  1 small orange,  1 small apple (which could be moved to a snack).

Melba toast or Breadstick - @20cals. worth (grissini or alessi brand breadsticks) for each of your two meals.

Drink as much coffee, tea or non-caloric drink as you desire throughout the day.

You can cook with fresh herbs, lemons, limes, sea salt, raw apple cider vinegar and Stevia (found in most groceries in different forms including the brand Truvia).

Days 24-27

· Stop taking HCG and stay on VLCD. This is done because the HCG is still in your system.

· Drink plenty of water!

The Plateau - Some people experience a  4 – 6  day interruption in their regular daily weight loss. If your weight has been stationary for at least four days without any dietary deviations, you may take an "apple day" to break up the plateau. An apple day begins at lunch and continues until just before lunch of the following day. The only food consumed during this time is 6 large apples, which are to be eaten one at a time whenever you feel the desire. Remember, six large apples are the maximum allowed for this entire time. During an apple day no other food or liquids except plain water are allowed drinking just enough to quench an uncomfortable thirst. Resume eating at lunch the next day. 

        During this phase , which you need to do for 3 weeks in order to set this new weight point, you can eat anything except - NO STARCHES and NO SUGARS!  That means NO potatoes, corn, bread, sweets, etc.  You can add in the other low calorie sweeteners at this point.  It is critical that you understand how important it is to increase your food intake as your body will no longer have abnormal fat to use.  It is at this phase that you will be setting your metabolism at a new pace.  You must eat often and full portions of the healthy vegetables, lean meats, and lower sugar fruits. Protein seems to be key in setting this new metabolic rate.

Once you've allowed your body 3 weeks to become stable eating a full diet without starches and sugars, you can start adding those back in gradually. 

Download Dr. Simeons' Manuscript, order your HCG , find a buddy and start your most successfull weight-loss journey ever!
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