Frequently Asked

 Q: Where does hCG Come From?

A:  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) comes from the placentas of pregnant women released in the urine. An expectent mother has as much as  1,000,000 I.U.'s of Chorionic Gonadotropin running through her system at a time. The dose of hCG that Dr Simeons used was 125 I.U.'s. Doctors have since found that 175 – 200 is a better range for oral dosing using this protocol.


Q: How does this hCG Diet work?

A: Dr. ATW Simeons discovered that small doses of hCG would enable dieters to subsist comfortably on a 500 calorie-per-day diet because their bodies could access it's own “abnormal” fat. hCG helps break down and mobilize these fat stores s so they can be used by your body for energy and appetite suppression during the very low calorie (VLC) phase of the diet.  These fat stores are pocketed in those impossible to reach places around the hips, thighs, belly and upper arms.  This allows your “structural fat”, the fat that is critical in the muscles and organs, to be protected.  This enables you to end up with a firmer reshaped body than what you may be previously left with on other diet programs - thus, the transfigured effect.

 Be aware that the hCG in and of itself is not responsible for the weight loss yet, in conjunction with the VLC diet, you can lose weight safely and quickly.  In addition, hCG helps to clear and then reset the hypothalamus making it possible to maintain a steady weight point once stabilization has been accomplished.



Q: What is Stabilization:

A: We refer to the 3 week phase after the hCG/vlc phase as Stabilization. During this phase, you are required to eat a full diet (small meals eaten often) without starches or sugars. You are setting your new set point so this is not the time to count calories. It is important that you eat often adhering strictly to the no starch/no sugar rules. Once you have accomplished this 3 week period, you will find that maintaining your new weight if refreshingly easier than ever.

A word of caution: Stabilization is harder than you would probably expect. You are at a point where you are pretty high from the wonderful weight-loss success and you are used to rewarding yourself. Find a reward other than FOOD. The most successful stabilizers are the dieters who PLAN what they are going to eat everyday for at least the first week and STICK TO IT. Because you need to eat often, it is important to have readily available snacks (no starches/no sugars, of course) that you can grab and go.

If you are true to the rules of Stabilization, you will stay at your low weight and set yourself up to have a healthy metabolism some actually lose during stabilization but that is not the goal.


Q: Are there any side effects associated with the hCG diet?

A: Many of clients claim to have a slight headache in the first week. This is probably due to the halt of processed substances used in food in our previous diets. However, clients who have started a subsequent round of the diet haven’t had any complaints of headache. Also, some people have experienced slight leg cramping, for which we recommend a potassium supplement or  potassium rich foods from the approved food selections. Constipation was also cited among some individuals, but as long as you are drinking the suggested amount of water and eating vegetables and fruits in their raw form, you shouldn’t need a stool softener. All other side effects seem to be positive. The weight-loss, of course! Great sleep, all-over supple skin, dry and cracked heels healing, lower blood pressure, and joint pain relief as structural fat is actually restored, acid-refux relief, the clearing of rosacea and dandruff relief are a sampling of some of the 'good side-effects” that we have found so far.


Q: I have read that some people use injections of HCG vs. the sublingual that you endorse. Is there any difference?

A: We did our comparisons along side women who were going to a clinic for injections and some were injecting themselves. Our results with the homeopathic hCG drops were mirror images of theirs, with less hassle and less money, of course.

With the drops you do have to take responsibility for maximizing the absorption under your tongue by not eating or drinking 10-15 minutes before or after the dosing and allow the hCG to stay under your tongue as long as possible, a good 2-3 minutes at least, before swallowing.


Q: I have an alcohol sensitivity. Can I still take hCG?

A:  The product that we use is pure hCG in a suspension of 16% alcohol which serves as a solvent during preparation of the raw materials, acts as a preservative and serves to increase the absorption rate of the homeopathic. You may have a reaction to the alcohol if you take the drops as normally recommended. What I recommend is if a person is sensitive to alcohol, put drops into a glass with 1 oz of warm water (around 100 F). Allow 1 minute for the alcohol to evaporate by stirring with wooden spoon or chopstick. You still want to absorb the hCG under your tongue as much as possible.


Q: Is a homeopathic real hCG?

A:  Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) comes from natural sources so a homeopathic can be extracted from that same source.


Q: I am on a prescribed medication from a physician. Can I safely use hCG?

A: I do not give personal medical advice. It is always a good idea to consult with your physician before doing any diet program. Ask him/her to support you in doing Dr Simeons' protocol and maybe he/she will offer to monitor your health and progress. If not, you are always entitled to a second opinion.


Q: Can men safely use hCG since it is naturally only found in women during pregnancy?

A: Yes. According to Dr. Simeons..."It neither makes men grow breasts nor does it interfere with their virility, though where this was deficient it may improve it."  The eight men that are close friends of mine that used this homeopathic hCG have found great success, more so than the women.  They are seeing consistent 2-pound weight-losses each day instead of the women’s' average of one pound a day.  


 Q: I would like to do a trial of this diet to see any potential results. Is that possible?

 A: No. You need to make a full 23-day commitment for the first round. Dr. Simeons found this critical in clearing your hypothalamus. Even for individuals with less weight to lose, he required a full 23-day hCG round the first time then, once they reached goal, he had them add the larger quantities of the same approved foods to hold them at that weight for the duration. You don’t want to set yourself up to regain the weight that you lose.

It is critical that you understand the diet. It is different than any diet you most likely have ever done and the results are like nothing you've ever experienced. I love this protocol for efficiency and long lasting results! But, you must understand and follow the protocol religiously.



Q: How much hCG do I need? How much do I need daily?

 A: You will need 2 bottles of  this homeopathic hCG for your first round if you have less than 20 pounds to lose or up to 4 bottles if you plan to extend your first round for up to 40 pounds of weight-loss

We suggest 45 drops a day at a minimum, dosing 3 times a day, but some of our clients bump up to 60 drops daily. We encourage our clients to gauge how they feel after 5 or 6 days and then evaluate. If you experience excessive hunger, you may need the higher dose. Remember that it is important to maximize the absorption by not eating or drinking a good 10 minutes before or after a dose.


Q: What is immunity?

A: Immunity to hCG occurs when your body has figured out how to offset the effects of the hCG and you no longer can benefit from it for weight-loss. You will become extremely hungry and sallow and weak like the life is being sucked out of you – real starvation – the way that you would feel if you were only subsisting on a 500 calorie diet. It takes a good 6 weeks after your first round before you can do a second round and a good 8 week after your second round, etc. It is important to keep immunity at bay. We have yet to experience anyone hitting immunity even going up to 45 days in a round, but there is always that possibility.


Q: Should I use hCG during menstruation?

A: The benefit of stopping the use of hCG during menstruation is that you can prolong immunity if you want a longer course. Dr. Simeons found that this did cause hunger issues. It is best to plan your round in between menses to maximize the results. If you have already started it is fine to continue dosing hCG through menstruation.




Q: Should I take hCG continuously seven days per week?

A: Dr. Simeons had his patients dosing 6 days out of 7. We dont know if that was for the convenience of the clinic but he recognized that taking the seventh day off from hCG injections caused genuine hunger side effects. However, if you do not skip a day, you add to the number of days you are on hCG and immunity can become an issue. Everyone’s body is different, but you want to keep immunity at bay since you can’t achieve the hCG benefits once your body becomes immune to it and until your body has had ample time to clear between rounds, which Dr. Simeons found takes longer each round. We encourage 7 days a week dosing.


Q: Why Gorge?

A: When you begin taking hCG, it takes a couple of days to work itself into your system. When you begin the very low calorie (VLC) portion of the diet, your body will go into starvation mode and start “requesting” the use of the products in those abnormal fat cells. It still requires a couple of days for your body to be able to use those products as it takes time to break down cell membranes and to access the fat stores within them once they have been “requested”. You wil be living off of the normal fat stores that you built up while gorging during those first 2 days. If you dont gorge properly, your body will pull from structural fat and muscle tissue until the abnormal fat is available to use. Dont worry, you will loose any additional weight gained during gorging very quickly – so GORGE! And remember, the process  requires extra water – a lot of H2O!. Make sure you drink enough water so your body has what it needs to do this work.


Q: What products should I avoid during the very low calorie (VLC) phase of the diet?

A: hCG makes you super-sensitive to oils/fats and sugars.  You must avoid these completely while doing the very low calorie/hCG phase of the diet.  Use oil-free moisturizers and lotions.  Wash hands quickly after touching fatty foods, oils, etc.  Check any supplements that you may plan to continue taking for oils and hidden sugars.  These can quickly work against you! Names of “hidden” sugars are:


Barley malt, Beet sugar, Cane-juice crystals, Caramel, Carob syrup, Corn syrup, Date sugar, Demerara sugar, Dextran, Dextrose, Diatase, Diastatic malt, Ethyl maltol, Fructose, Fruit juice, Galactose, Glucose, Grape sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Honey, Invert sugar, Lactose, Malt, Malt syrup, Maltodextrose, Mannitol, Molasses, Muscovado, Panocha, Refiner's Syrup, Rice syrup, Sorbitol, Sorghum syrup, Sucrose, Treacle.


You need to be most aware of the products that you put on your skin and leave on since those will have ample time to be absorbed, like body lotions and face moisturizer.


Q: Once I stop taking the hCG, how many days should I continue on the VLC plan?

A: Based on Dr. Simeons’ book, 72 hours. We don’t know if that is 72 hours from the last dosing, which would put you at two days, or if that is 72 hours from the day of your last dosing, which would be three days. What I suggest is that you do strictly 2 days of the VLC plan without hCG. On the 3rd day add eggs for protein during breakfast and start the “no starch-no sugars” phase with lots of lean protein calories for stabilization.


Q: Can I exercise during this diet?

A: Breaking down abnormal fat cells is somewhat taxing on your body. Dr Simeons discourages exercise during the very low calorie (VLC) phase of this diet. It is important to allow your body to put its energy into this process by getting plenty of rest, drinking plenty of water, and slowing down your activity when you feel your body needs it. Mild exercise that is part of your normal routine is most likely helpful, but avoid strenous workouts. This is NOT the time to domuscle building routines. Once you are out of the very low calorie phase of the diet and in stabilization, you are encouraged to exercise regularly as much as you'd like.

Q: Can I take supplements while on the hCG/very low calorie phase?

A: According to Dr Simeons, you do not need any supplementation everything that you need, your body will be able to access from those abnormal fat stores once they are mobilized. If you do decide to continue a supplement, make sure that it has no starches or sugars. Most do! Usually, you have to find them in a health food store in order  to find them. As wonderfull as Flax Oil is for softening of the skin (I was taking 9 1200mg capsules before I discovered hCG and still had cracked heels) you cannot use it while on hCG. To my suprise, hCG made a wonderous difference in the texture and moisture in my skin. My cracked heels became soft. I was rubbing them all the time in amazement :) . And something was repaire in my sebaceous glands as I had some oil in my skin for the first time in 28 years. I had been using moisturizers for old ladies all these years now, any ole thing will do as the effect remains long after I was finished using the hCG.


Q: I am a massage therapist and earn a living with my hands in oils. What can I do?

A: You cannot massage with your normal oils as, most likely, they will stall you on the protocol. You are allowed to use mineral oil as it has no nutritional value. There are scented mineral oils even baby oil. This also works for full body moisturizing for yourself. Before I began noticing the skin softening effects of the hCG, I would keep baby oil in the shower and massage it all over my skin then let it rinse somewhat. Obviously, my towel had to go right to the laundry room.


Q: Can I continue taking my MAOI as it tends to be contraindicated with so many other medications?

A: It is not my place to give medical advice. It is important that you consult your physician or pharmacist about any drug interactions. In someone with good health, even stable mental health, any decision as to whether hCG might be safe for you could be evaluated in “would a small dose of pregnancy negatively effect my condition?” This small dose of hCG used with Dr Simeons protocol, is less that two hundredths of a percent of hCG in your body compared to an expectant mother.

Dr Simeons (and Dr Belluscio who took over his research) found there to be an interesting anti-depressent effect during and after using the hCG, probably because of the reseting of the hypothalamus during this process.


Q: Do I need a full “work up” as some clinics claim?

A: You can have your general health checked at your personal physicians office. screenings by your physician are always a good idea, but dont have much to do with hCG. Dr Simeons did address conditions that may need to be watched, but for good reasons: those include gallbladder, fibroids, brittle diabetes, and gout.


Q: Does hCG interfere with birth control?

A: This small dose of hCG does not interfere with birth control and can be used at any age(or stage of menopause), or gender according to Dr Simeons.


Q: Can I use drink alcohol while taking hCG on this diet?

A: You cannot have any caloric alcohol (beer, wine) and if you use hard liquor the effects are stronger as it takes much less alcohol to produce intoxication. It is best to abstain.The metabolic process of breaking down these abnormal fat stores uses much of your body's energy which is why you are discouraged from heavy exercise during the very low calorie phase and when your liver and bloodstream have to put it's energy towards 'ridding this toxin', it is harder on your body to metabolize the fat stores.

Dr Simeons (and Dr Belluscio concurred) that there seemed to be a noticeable affect to patients struggling with alcoholism. They were suprisingly able to abstain during the protocol. A few were able to remain alcohol free after treatment.

Be aware that a typical pitfall during stabilization is the addition of champaign or wine. These are high sugar substances and will blow your Stabilization benefits. You will immediately start sugar cravings and hunger might overtake you. Be as committed to Stabilization as you are to the hCG/vlc phase.


Q: What can I do if I hit a plateau and I am adhereing strictly to Dr Simeons' protocol?


 A: The best tip that we have found is taking 2 T apple cider vinegar (taken in some water) which can bump one out of a stall. I had a stall once that lasted four days and then was 4 pounds down the next day. Remember, you will AVERAGE one pound a day weight-loss for most people (men - 2).  Everyday may not register on the scale but the hCG is still breaking down those cell membranes of your fat stores to access the products in them. As long as you have your energy and your body feels calorically satisfied, the hCG is doing its work – be patient. The following are things to try if you hit a stall:

*add a glass or two of green tea to your day

*don't eat 2 apples for the two fruits

*cut american beef or buffalo out

*check all condiments for any form of sugar

*if mixing vegetables, stop

*try omitting breadsticks

*check for additives in chicken or protein sources

*consider that oranges, tomatoes, and shrimp stall some people - try checking these by having only oneof the foods three days in a row, then repeat those menues changing that one food and compare weight-loss

*increase water intake - chug, chug, chug!

*menstrual cycle may come into play

*has there been a change in medication?

*add brisk walk or some other light exercise

*are you getting enough sleep

*make sure you are not coming into contact with oils or fats in lotions or anything!

Hopefully you are still noticing changes in your body. Think about it - you are only eating 500 calories each day - by science, you are losing weight unless you lay all day and with the hCG it is pulling from the right places. Hang in there.

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