About Annette
      " This is my ornery crew, or rather, my eleven wonderful children!"
"I am Annette Kleinhenz.  I am 48 years old and have given birth to eleven children.  I've spent most of my teenage and adult life trying to figure out how to EAT and maintain a healthy weight.  Yes, I have tipped the scales eleven times over that 200 lb. mark and, no, I have never delivered a 75 pound baby. 
I have tried several weight loss programs over the years to try to get my body back and have become very familiar with the popular programs like Weight Watchers, Atkins, and South Beach.  My daughter and I even spent thousands of dollars going to a weight-loss clinic that guaranteed results only to end up heavier than when we started.     
Then I learned about Dr. Simeons protocol using human chorionic gonadotropin, more often referred to as HCG.  I was anxious to give it a try.  Because HCG is the hormone that women produce when they are expecting, it seemed like a safe and natural process.  Also, it is a hormone that my body is very familiar with since I have spent alm0st 100 months under it's influence during pregnancy.  Dr. Simeons used HCG in very small dosages to achieve the fat mobilization effect and that is the key to the success of this weight -loss protocol.  
As the HCG goes to work in your body, your abnormal fat cells are opened up. The nourishment from those cells "feed your body" so that you do not feel hungry and you have the energy you need, even though you are only eating 2 meals at 500 calories a day.  Normally, this very low caloric intake would be detrimental to your body, but not under the influence of this small dosage of HCG. Your body actually uses up the "unwanted" fat pockets that we all loath - the fat "stores". 
Discovering this homeopathic sublingual(absorbed under the tongue) version of HCG alleviated the hassle of going to a clinic every day or having to purchase HCG from a non-US pharmacy and mix it for injections.  Then came the results! Stepping on the scales each morning to consistent weight loss, that would have taken weeks on other diets, was my dream come true.......and with no hunger!  I also found that the places that I was slimming down were the places that were so hard to shed with other programs.
I do need to add that there IS sacrifice involved doing this protocol, at least for me.  I dont know anyone that loves and enjoys cooking, experimenting, serving, and eating food like me.  The 2 small meals eaten each day during the very low calorie phase of the diet are nothing like I've ever done and the mental withdraw was an issue for me.  I was able to tackle this since my hunger was under control and cravings eliminated.  The excitement of stepping on the scales each morning  to significant weight-loss and feeling my  waist  shrink helped me survive all of the temptations around me.  It IS wise to plan the very low calorie phase of the diet around times when you are in control of your food.  Hosting the family reunion is NOT the best time to start this protocol.
I had embarked on this weight-loss journey with a group of friends of  different ages and various amounts of weight to loose.  The amazing success that was clearly obvious in all of us sparked a wave of enthusiasm as the excitement and number of participants grew.  Like most other diets, the success of the men was even more obvious.  Their stories are astounding!   You can look forward to reading some of these success stories on the testimonials page".........annette
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