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Thanks to the revolutionary discoveries of the world-renowned anti-obesity physician, Dr. ATW Simeons, there is a weight loss program that works to transfigure your body - the HCG diet plan.  Dr. Simeons began using human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, or HCG, to help his patients lose excess fat while preserving muscle and bone tissue.
           Many clinics have added this HCG diet plan to their spectrum of services but require daily visits for injections of HCG.  Now, you can buy HCG online and use this same protocol at home using a sublingual (absorbed under the tongue) form of HCG drops.  Imagine:
          no costly food        
          no hunger 
          no excercise       
          lose a pound a day
          watch those problem areas disappear        
          with no costly trips to a clinic and.....
          Men and women alike have proven Dr. Simeons' protocol to be the most successful weight loss discovery yet.
   Now you can accomplish the same success with this homeopathic HCG at home.  The HCG diet is healthy and access to this wonderful homeopathic product makes it affordable for everyone.
We trialed this product parallel and injection group and our results and satiety mirrored theirs directly observing the added benefits that the 23 days on HCG provide documented by Dr Simeons. Why go to a clinic when you can buy HCG online and enjoy the same benefits.
As with any weight-loss program, it is advised to consult with your personal physician first. Weight loss cannot be guaranteed. Using the homeopathic HCG enhances the process in which your body breaks down fat cells. Dr Simeons' protocol must be strictly adhered to in order to see results.

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Return Policy:
    Due to the nature of this product, we do not accept returns or exchanges.  We are confident in the quality and safety of our product and trust that those persons purchasing homeopathic sublingual HCG know what they are buying.

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